Super S Anti-Wear AW32 Hydraulic Oil for Log & Wood Splitters, Gear & Compressor Oil- Rust & Corrosion Protection- 1 Gallon SUS 36-3


  • Premium Quality Hydraulic Fluid: Anti-wear hydraulic oil is designed to provide high durability protection in high pressure severe, service application. It is formulated to provide nonesuch rust protection as well as foam inhibition. It has excellent oxidation resistance, provides superior anti-wear protection and water separating characteristics.
  • Long Service and High Performance : Hydraulic fluid provides long service drain interval in the most demanding work conditions, 6000+ hours of ultimate protection. Premium, highly refined base oils together with additive package provide extraordinary protection for rubber parts, gaskets and hoses in hydraulic system. Pour hydraulic oil and stay tension free!
  • Functions and Characteristics: This oil has wide operating temperature range, - 40F to 130+ temperature is bearable. The fluid will flow and provide ultimate performance for the hottest summers to the coldest winter. It has zero foaming and rapid water separation characteristics along with rapid aeration preventing system lockup and overheating.
  • No Comparison whatsoever: How it is different than the others? Try to compare us with any of the other hydraulic oils in the market. Pick any. Firstly, it has significant higher viscosity index vs the rest. Secondly, it has higher anti-wear protection – up to three times higher in various cases. Thirdly, it has outstanding cold flow, down to -40F and it has outstanding shear stability and oxidation control. Lastly, It has a long life which is double that of almost every other hydraulic oil.
  • 100% Satisfaction and Guarantee: We are determined to provide you maximum satisfaction through this highly premium hydraulic oil. You need to keep your equipment lubricated to have excellent experience. We highly appreciate your feedback and want to keep you and your equipment all the time. Happy Shopping!

This item is hazardous. Hazardous items are NOT returnable.

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