Klean Strip Odorless Mineral Spirits 1 Gallon GKSP94214

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  • Odorless, lower toxic fumes and vapors: Klean Strip Odorless Mineral Spirits have been created through distillation of petroleum, but it is heavily refined during production to cut toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and sulfur. You can make great results indoors without being subjected to harsh fumes, producing very low odor. In the case of odor-free these toxic compounds have been completely eliminated!
  • Clean and restore wood furniture: This inexpensive product can be used to clean off this grime, restoring the original luster of your wood’s finish. This provides an excellent way of cleaning the wood’s surface. It also promotes the absorption of stain into the wood, giving you a richer finish. It cuts through old polish and wax, revealing the original finish beneath.
  • Excellent for cleaning and degreasing machine tools and parts: Klean Strip Odorless Mineral Spirits is a very powerful degreasing and cleansing agent for automobile and machinery part cleaning. The spirit eats away at oil and chemical grease and washes the part clean. Even dried paint, which accumulates on metal and thickens, can be dissolved and then washed off, on applying mineral spirits.
  • Remove paint spills and sticky price tag residue: This product quickly wipes away the paint spills before it dries. Safely use mineral spirits to remove paint from most hard floor surfaces, including tile, linoleum, laminate, and wood. Also it can be used to wipe off the annoying residue left behind by the price tags. Simply pour a little mineral spirits onto a rag or paper towel and wipe the glue residue off the surface. Once it’s gone, wash the dish in warm, soapy water as usual.
  • Now bundled with chemical resistant gloves: Centaurus AZ is keen to provide you required safety as you are very important for your loved ones, therefore we have bundled this product with our nitrile chemical resistant gloves. Never forget to use them. Please look for user instructions on the product before use. Keep yourself and nature healthy!

This item is hazardous. Hazardous items are NOT returnable.

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Customer Reviews

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Daniel Meseraull
Online Order

Thank you, Just what I needed to finish my project.

Dan J.

Shipped fast and great for cleaning up


Good cleaning solution at a good price. Delivered ahead of schedule and packaging was excellent

Bhom Tell

I like the odorless feature of the mineral oil