Klean Strip Boiled Linseed Oil 1 Quart QKLO146


  • Protects and Seals : This is a great protection for wood both indoors and outdoors, it protects the wood from sun and water damage. This can also be used in metal, it helps preserved metal from rust by protecting the surface from oxidation.
  • Beautiful Coatings: It creates beautiful hand-rubbed finish, brings out the natural on fine wood and antiques that. It develops the full warmth and richness of unfinished wood and increases its resistance to water-marks, scratches, and warping.
  • Make Wood Waterproof: This is a classic wood finish and natural protectant that works very well on most woods. It is a good wood sealer that makes surfaces much more water resistant and it strengthens the coat that preserves the color.
  • Improves Flow and Gloss: It can be added to oil-based paint to improve flow, lessen brush drag and increased both the gloss and durability of the dried paint. It prevents cracking, scratch resistance and adds a nice gloss to the final finish.
  • Centaurus Az 2-Inch Wooden Paintbrush: Klean-Strip Boiled Linseed Oil now comes with 2-inch wooden paint brush by Centaurus AZ. Best for perfect edges. Other things to consider in choosing the right brush are thickness and handle design.

This item is hazardous. Hazardous items are NOT returnable.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Will order again.

tom strickfaden

As described and delivered on time

Barbara C.

I used it on all my wood pieces as well and it brought everything back to life. I would definitely recommend it

Jessica P.

Did exactly what I wanted it to do. Good product.

Maria M.

This is probably the best wood oil I've ever used - amazing.