JASCO TSP Substitute Solutions Tri-Sodium Phosphate Extremely Strong Concentrated 1 Quart QJTS00408

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JASCO TSP Substitute Solutions Tri-Sodium Phosphate Extremely Strong and Effective All-Purpose Cleaner Heavy-Duty Degreasing and Deglossing Plus Centaurus AZ Gloves, 1 Quart Concentrated
  • One of the best and most reliable good choices for cleaning stains and residues: JASCO TSP Substitute Concentrated is a good choice for cleaning stains and residues that are nearly impossible to remove. Gets rid of stubborn stains, mildew, dirt, grease, etc. and is suitable for different materials such as brick, stone, cement, or wood. It has long been considered the best choice for truly tough cleaning jobs. One quart makes 5 Quarts of solution.
  • Extremely strong and effective cleaner: This product works as a high-speed and powerful cleaning agent that makes JASCO TSP Substitute as an extremely strong and effective cleaner. It is so strong that it can clean even the toughest stains and buildups. It leaves surfaces extremely clean and neat. The cleaning formula was specially made to use on washable surfaces in and around the home.
  • Heavy-duty Degreasing and Deglossing: The quality of a paint job depends on a perfectly clean surface. JASCO TSP Substitute can strip paint while it whisks away caked-on dirt and can remove stubborn grease stains, mold, and mildew growth. This product is a powerful degreaser, this chemical de-glosses shiny surfaces so the next layer of paint can stick. The surface may not need sanding and stripping, but it must be clean.
  • Now comes with Centaurus AZ Gloves: Centaurus AZ is keen to provide you required safety as you are very important for your loved ones, therefore we have bundled this product with our nitrile chemical resistant gloves. Never forget to use them. Please look for user instructions on the product before use. Keep yourself and nature healthy!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: We are determined to provide you maximum satisfaction through our products. JASCO TSP Substitute is the product that is used to clean decks, siding, and outdoor areas before painting. It easily and quickly removes grime, layers of blackened soot, chalked paint, caked dirt, and puddles of grease. Grab it now, Happy Cleaning!

This item is hazardous. Hazardous items are NOT returnable.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Elissa M.

Good cleaner. Easy to clean decking and prep for painting

Kim Brown

This product works amazing when wanting to paint old wood cabinets and furniture

Alex T.

It was very thoughtful of them to include the gloves. The gloves are top quality and deserve their own review. I would highly recommend them