Bonide Captain Jacks Dead Kills Bagworms, Borers, Beetles Concentrate 16oz 2526

Centaurus AZ Organic Lawn Insect Killer Concentrate - 16oz Bonide Captain Jacks Dead Bug Brew Pest Control and Foliage Protector Target Only Harmful Insects Gloves for Hand Protection

  • πŸ› LAWN INVADING INSECT KILLER: Can kill all lawn invading insects including leaf miners, spider mites, caterpillars, borers, beetles, codling moth, thrips and more. It protects a variety of foliage; your cabbage, apple, tomatoes, broccoli, leafy vegetables, fruits, can be protected against unwanted nuisance.
  • πŸ› PET AND PEOPLE FRIENDLY: This pesticide can be used around people and pets. No harmful effect and safe for dogs, cats, and other pets too.
  • πŸ› KILLS PROBLEM-CAUSING INSECTS: Only intended to kill harmful insects. It causes no harm to birds, beneficial insects, predatory mites and honeybees.
  • πŸ› DEAD BUG BREW FOR ORGANIC GARDENING: Approved for organic gardening due to its active ingredient, Spinosad; a leading pesticide bacteria using around the globe.
  • πŸ› WITH CENTAURUS AZ GLOVES: Nonabsorbent and heavy-duty gloves; provides high-end safety against toxic chemicals. It comes in 16-ounce concentrated; can yield up to 8 gallon of solution. Mix immediately with water and ready-to-apply with hose-end, trigger and hand-held sprayer; just spray the affected area and kill all uninvited nasty creatures.

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